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About our Miniature American Shepherds

We breed Miniature American Shepherd, previously known as Miniature Australian Shepherds. Miniature American Shepherds were recently recognized by AKC. Females range from 13" to 17" and males range from 14" to 18". Miniature American Shepherds are intelligent, loyal, and generally easy to train. Even though this is a herding breed and they are sometimes too smart for their own good they are always willing to please. I breeds for both temperament and intelligence. We produce both performance puppies and companions.

All of my mini's are PRA, MDR1 and HC tested. At the age of 2 each dog gets their OFA Hips, elbows, and knees examined. I follow "Puppy Development by Pat Hastings along with neurological stimulation so that each puppy goes home happy and healthy and willing to learn. All of my mini's live in my house and are part of the family. There will only be one litter at a time so that each puppy gets individual time so that they leave here ready for their forever home. A Miniature American Shepherd is loyal and loving and just wanting to be part of your life.

How We Got Started

Breeding is in my blood. I know that might sound a little cliche but its true. My family has over 60 years experience breeding and showing dogs. My grandfather bred Airedales, My mom bred Bouvier De Flanders and now I breed Miniature American Shepherds. My first dog was a 7 lb chihuahua named Snickers who thinks he is a great dane. I wanted another dog so a few years after I got Snickers I decided to start searching for a companion for Snick. During that time one of my family members got a Mini Aussie. I fell in love with that dog so I went and got a litter mate. That is how I got Teagan.  A few weeks after I got Teagan he started destroying his bed and shredding my hard wood floor!! It was crazy but a coworker of mine suggested i work him mentally. Eventually we went through puppy class, beyond manners, obedience 1 & 2 then we fell in love with agility. Teagan is my first Agility dog and we both fell in love with it.  My first breeding I got my true performance dog, Rudy and I could not be happier with Rudy and how his litter turned out. Their personalities and temperaments were great and energy levels were all different. As a breeder I try to not only better the breed but also produce a temperament that is outstanding. I did that for my first litter. 2 out of 3 puppies went into breeder homes and I got a great performance boy that my friends at agility rave about how great he is going to be. Every litter is always a little different. There are always different personalities and it is a joy and a challenge to raise puppies. I love all of my puppy families and watching them blossom as they get older. I am proud of my breeding program and I plan on breeding for a very long time!

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Miniature American Shepherds

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