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About our Basset Fauve de Bretagnes

We breed Basset Fauve de Bretagnes, which are a rare French hound affectionately shortened to  "Fauves". They are currently in AKC Foundation Stock Service, and working towards full recognition within the Hound Group. The breed is a bright, happy scent hound who equally enjoys being with their owners or with their pack. In their native France and parts of Spain they are known to be tough hunters, quarrying everything from rabbit to wild boar. Despite this sturdy build and stoic temperament, they are loving companions and make excellent all-around dogs; excelling in the show ring, performance sports, and as couch potatoes. They are often as comfortable with city living as they are in the country, and we find them to be particularly good with children and families. 

All of my Fauves are tested for POAG and receive CAER examinations. After the age of 12 months each dog gets their OFA heart & knees examined. I utilize a combination of the "Puppy Culture" method, as well as the Empowered Breeder Program to raise our litters, so that each puppy goes home happy and healthy and willing to learn. All of my Fauves live in my house and are part of the family. Fauves are jovial pack hounds who have never met a stranger.

How We Got Started

After spending 10 years of my life dedicated to the Miniature American Shepherd, I realized I wanted to find another breed that complemented them; and I wanted to make a difference in a rare breed where my experience in diversifying pedigrees and building a program based on type could be beneficial. I searched high and low for the perfect breed to go with my MAS, and stumbled upon the Basset Fauve de Bretagne on the FSS section of AKC's website. The description of the breed sounded perfect, and I immediately figured out how to meet one and purchase my first Fauve. Fauves are like potato chips, it's very difficult to have just one and now I share my life with several and work with a small dedicated group of co-owners who share my vision and passion for the breed. 

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Basset Fauve de Bretagnes