The earliest I will glue is 8 weeks and the latest I will glue for the first time is when baby teeth start to fall out. Sometimes gluing one time is sufficient but most likely you will have to glue more than once.

OMG There's a bald spot!!:

Don't worry that's normal and sometimes there is some irritation on the skin. If there is irritation put some Neosporin on the irritated spot and it will be fine. The bald spot can either be on the side of the dogs face or on the tip of the ear. If its on the tip of the ear I sometimes shave it off but most of the time I let the hair work itself off. The hair will grow back don't worry!!


I Glue ears because I personally like the look and also I do conformation and a prick ear is a fault. There are 3 types of ears Rose, Prick and natural.

How do I know if they need glued again?:

I know that they need glued again when I call the dog to attention and his ears do not come into a correct position right away. By this I mean that If I am making a funny noise his ears should move forward and they should be even . If one is higher or crooked or does not shift at all you need to glue again.

How to Glue:

I use Tear Mender which you can get at any fabric store or Amazon.com. What you want to do is put some on the end of the dogs ear (anywhere from the tip of your pinkie finger to the size of a nickel) depending on the dog. You put the glue on the end of the dogs ear to the side of his face about 1/2-1inch from his eye. Hold for 2-3 minutes each ear. You are looking for a natural setting.

Why Gluing?:

Well... I have tried tungsten weights, taping, and gluing along with moleskin. I have found that the weights just make the ear stronger and pulls the ear up in the long run. Taping pulls the ear down so it looks more like a hound ear and there is not a lot of movement. A hound ear is too low on the face. Gluing has given me the ear setting I have always looked for without tearing off tons of hair and listening to a screaming dog!

What if the ears need glued again?:

That's normal. Sometimes you can glue once but most likely you will have to glue multiple times. I wait minimum 3 weeks once ears pop off before I glue again. That way all of the hair is back and you're not gluing onto skin. OUCH!

Video  Of How To Glue Ears at the Bottom of the Page!!!

The ear is not always forward what now?:

THAT IS OKAY!. You want his ear to be in the natural setting when you call the dog to attention. (saying his/her name or making a funny noise) It the dog is running and its ears are back that's fine. If the dog is just relaxing the ear should be in the natural position. If it is not you need to glue again.

How long does it last:

The glue can last anywhere from a few hours to 3 weeks depending on the dog and how much glue you used. One of my males got the glue off in 4 hours which is a record for me. LOL. So I have found with him I use about the size of a nickel.