​​Treats & Chews: Treats and Chews are just as important as dog food especially when you have a puppy. We have some tried and true treats that our puppies and adults love.  

Life's Abundance Buffalo Lungs, Health Bars & Turkey & Berry Chewies are all fantastic treats for training or everyday life. Our adults LOVE Buffalo Lungs for special occasions and the Turkey & Berry Chewies are a favorite for training!   

​​Food: Here at 4 Clovers we raise all of our puppies on Lifes Abundance Dog Food! 

Life's Abundance Revitalizing Bath Fresh Mist is a fantastic addition after your puppies bath or even between baths to give their coat a little pick me up!

Here is a 3 piece combo buy on Amazon! Slicker brush which is a MUST HAVE. Greyhound comb to get out the undercoat and Nail clippers to keep your puppies nails nice and short!

Life's Abundance Revitalizing Shampoo smells great and is gentile on both your hands and your puppies skin!

As a new puppy buyer or adding another family member here at 4 Clovers we want to make your experience has wonderful as possible. So before we recommend any products we always try them out first! We have found that the Life's Abundance products are not only wonderful products but they are also all in one place so its easier for you! You can always mix and match their products OR buy their starter packs! WE ENCOURAGE ALL OF OUR PUPPY BUYERS TO BUY LIFE'S ABUNDANCE SMALL/MEDIUM BREED PUPPY HEALTHY STARTER PACK! this starter pack has EVERYTHING but the porky puffs!

​​Bathing supplies: Everyone wants their puppy to smell great! Here at 4 Clovers we get tons of compliments on the great feel and smell when we use these products!

Life's Abundance Revitalizing Ear Cleaner is a must have! Ear care is vital to every dog. Our dogs here at 4 Clovers get their ears cleaned after every bath!

Miniature American Shepherds

All Products that we list are products that we use and LOVE!

Life's Abundance Wellness Food Supplement is a great additive to their dog food to give your pup the added boost that they need! Just like people need a multivitamin we feel that dogs are the same!

Crates: Crate training is EXTREMELY important not only for your dog but also your house! Here are the 2 types of crate that we use.

Life's Abundance Buffalo Bully Sticks. BUY THESE!!! These bully sticks will SAVE YOUR HOUSE with a puppy. All of our puppies and adults get these bully sticks regularly.

Life's Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats are fantastic to keep those teeth sparkling!   

Life's Abundance Porky Puffs are another must have when you have a puppy.  

Here at 4 Clovers we decided to make you a "what to buy" Cheat Sheet! 

This is a wire 30" crate on Amazon! Wire crates are great to let more air flow in. There is also 2 doors which give you multiple ways to place the crate in your house. A 30" wire crate is good for dogs up to 30lbs and 16" tall.​​

Life's Abundance Omega-3 Fish Oil is the best! Our dogs use this to keep their skin and coat shiny and luscious!

This is a Large Plastic crate on Amazon! Even though this crate is more expensive then some of the other plastic crate we always buy this brand! There is a secondary locking measure on the sides of the crate so you don't have to "bolt" it together. This makes for an easier time to take it apart. We start to crate train our puppies in these crates due to their more "den like" feeling.


Here at 4 Clovers we raise all of our puppies on Life's Abundance Dog Food! Life's Abundance is vetrinarian formulated and has NEVER HAD A RECALL. Yes you heard that correctly! The dog food is manufactured in small batches and shipped right to your door to ensure you are receiving fresh dog food. 

All of our puppies are raised on Life's Abundance Small & Medium Breed Puppy Food. 

​​Grooming Supplies: There are 2 tried and true brushes that we use!

We Feed our adults Life's Abundance All Life Stages.

​​Supplements: We always encourage our puppy buyers to give an all around supplement to promote your puppies health!